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Monday, June 22, 2009

910. will jon and kate separate?

this is a question weighing heavy on the minds of many.
i would not be one of them—i barely know who jon and kate are.
i think they have 37 kids the same age.
smart tv people made it the stuff of a reality show.
now i'm not sure i know anyone else with 37 kids the same age.
i guess i live in a bubble of some sort because my experience is that there is nothing real about it.

but i'm willing to concede it might be a scourge in other parts of the country.

anyway, i just listened to "newscasters" discuss this pressing question as if its answer might weigh heavily on whether or not the iranian protests continue.

quite honestly, i don't wish jon and kate poorly, and hope this is just some sort of marketing ploy by those same smart tv people.
but frankly, i haven't seen a reality tv family yet that hasn't imploded by the stains of their own dirty laundry bared for all the public to see.
a season of fame almost always results in self-destruction.
it's what we the viewers seem to want too, after all, nicey nice is not how a voyeur hopes to be rewarded.
it's a shame really.
when will these families learn.

oh well, let the train wreck begin so we can move on to octomom.


Pam said...

Those poor kids.

itsmecissy said...

(it rhymes)

a show for voyeurs