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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

time for word association

in order to give you an idea of how my brain works, i thought i'd try a word association and then break down the thought process for you.
besides my pseudo step daughter, alix, is working from home due to the ice storm we are enduring and can give me a word off the top of her head.

"alix, a word please, if you don't mind!"
she's thinking but i'm not sure she is thinking of a word.
"sometime today if you can!"
now she's looking at me like her mom does when she's reaching for a frozen pork chop.
"any word will do!"
"you're sure? you can pick any word and that's what you come up with? street?"
"yes, street!"
"street it is then. thank you."

and the first thing that comes to mind is, "wooden spoon", which i know is two words but if i just said wooden i'd be explaining that it is wooden spoon anyway.

[truthfully? they are not the first words that came to mind. those would be "that's", followed closely by "dumb". but those don't count, and if revealed, would only fuel what already is what might only be described as a cairo like mood here as alix and i enter into day two of winter housebound horror.]

so here is how i came up with "wooden spoon".

when i hear "street", i remember having a particularly hearty wooden spoon session with ma for swimming around in a clogged drainage pool at the bottom of the street we lived on.
normally this never would have been an issue.
in fact, it was encouraged, especially if there was lightning about.
unfortunately, the street had been freshly tarred earlier in the day, and thus, so became our legs, arms, bellies and hair after the swimming.
i would learn soon after that ma meant it literally when she screamed, "i'll beat the tar out of you."

and that's a little inside look into the brain operation of a person such as myself.


Pam said...

Was that "brain" or "rain"?!

itsmecissy said...

Thinking about you and all that snow. Take heart, Punxsutawney Phil says we're in for an early spring this year.

itsmecissy said...


I think of lamp and then my youngest feral cat Violet and her affinity for rubbing the side of her face all over a lamp I have on my side of the couch. It's stained glass (made by Mr itsme) and she rubs the glass shade so hard it goes lopsided and no matter how many times I straighten it, she goes back and unstraightens it. It's a daily battle of love.