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Friday, May 15, 2009

872. tea for mood

the tea bag label read:
good earth®
pharmaceutical quality herbal teas
authentic european herbal formula in use for over 75 years
tea for mood™
helps maintain a positive emotional outlook*

apparently it has st. john's wort, which strikes me as an ingredient that i'd keep a secret—it sounds like a catholic skin fungus to be honest.
and that little thing about pharmaceutical quality?
it smacks in the face of good earth!

but what the hey!
god knows i need to keep a positive emotional outlook these days.
so i steeped the tea bag real good to get as much of that wholesome wortiness as i could.

oh yeah, that asterisk at the end pointed to a footnote at the bottom of the label that required an electronic microscope to read.
it pretty much said in not so many words, not really.

anyway, i had enough tea to burst a dutch levee, which is to say if i've maintained anything positive it's that my bladder continues to prove to be of sturdy stock and my prostate of healthy size.
but as far as any positive emotional outlook is concerned, unless one considers waking up in the morning such optimism, like the footnote says, not really!

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