"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

848. bob revealed

it's been over two years and some 850 posts.
and what do you know about me really?
not a whole lot.
it's time to share a little.
oh baby.

1. with the exception of shooting joan peterson just below the eye with a paper clip in second grade, i'm hard pressed to come up with any other regrets.
decking jimmy "the weasle" russo in my office when he threaten to tell our tyrant boss fat eddie williams i was late with a deliverable might be the only other one.
oh wait, there was that really dumb bobism when i told my fainting, 7 month pregnant wife at a bloomingdales' jewelry counter, "you're embarassing me".
now that is one i'd like to forget but will never be able to, and rightly so.
i'm lucky i'm not pushing up weeds for that beaut.

2. i like to say "oh baby" a lot.

3. i can't remember lyrics to save my life, a pretty bad deal for someone who plays guitar and sings those great sixties classics—always having to replace forgotten words with those lame made up sounds that i think will fool those around me, but never do.

4. i have self confidence but it is fleeting, and it's been on hiatus for some time now.
i'm hopeful it will return soon.

5. the word failure is not in my vocabulary.

i prefer to use others like "totally thorough, ass-wupping defeat".

6. all i've ever been up to is figuring out how to improve the relationship i have with this fickle partner called life, since the outcome of a totally thorough, ass-wupping defeat would not bode well.
not at all.


lightly said...

he revealed yet he revealed nothing.

bob said...

yes, he has revealed something even though it might be nothing.

Pam said...

Ah yes...life. Keep looking for those resurrected moments of humor in the eternal earthy struggle.

That's why I visit the pond.