"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

828. bob's version of 24

it's been 24 hours and i haven't done anything even remotely wrong.
nor has anything funny occurred.
i feel like jack bauer—albeit without all torture and stuff.

this is not good for business.
i better do something dumb and do it quickly or it could be curtains for this whole operation.

hmm ...
where does keaton hide the matches?
those usually lead to something unsavory.


Pam said...

I could send you a gift bag of horse pucky to give to someone as a gag. How about Andy or Benny? Or your parents, Bob & Bobbie?

That oughta' stir up some trouble.

I still have some pucky gift packages. I'll even give you a 15% discount. Let me know.

Nix on the matches, unless you're planning on grilling something.

lightly said...

relax bob , you male so you bound to screw something up, we know it will be big because you need to compensate for the last 24 hours