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Sunday, April 25, 2010

(from the files) 815. pedicures and sports

alix and keaton have just returned from pedicures.
from what i have pieced together by the looks of their cotton separated toes is that this is some kind of pampering process about the feet.
subtle interrogation revealed that they are rubbed, washed, oiled up and then rubbed some more, all in preparation for toenail beautification and polishing.

okay i don't get it, but i'm not complaining, because immediately following these treatments, there is always a hint of relaxed fulfillment in their demeanor, as well as, an eerie softness in their step.
all of which leads me to believe it's another one of those secret female passions that they have found preferable to sex—hot stone massages and odd vibrating doodads being others that immediately come to mind.

however, there is zero reciprocated appreciation of my wild carrying on during a good college basketball game—like villanova vs. anybody for instance.
and i have to admit, a nova wildcat ten point run can be as satisfying as sex—without all the pre-game warm-up and post-game clean-up, if you know what i mean.

so maybe sports viewing in a way is a man's pedicure—stink-crusted, cracked toes notwithstanding.
i'll probe this intriguing proposition with my man-mind some more before i declare it a certainty.

but i think i'm on to something here.
something quite significant.
even something nobel prize worthy possibly.

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itsmecissy said...

I have resisted commenting on this post but I can't stand it anymore. Pedicures ARE better than sex. There, I've said it, so let's just move on.

Course, I'm not 20-something anymore and have a vastly different perspective of what "better than sex" means.

And before anyone asks, no, I'm not BUI.