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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the suppressed sneeze

i know a few people who suppress sneezes.
i mean they sneeze but they keep it inside somehow.
you can tell because they squeeze their nose and make that dumb suppression sound as if that's an improvement.
i don't understand that.
i tried to once and nearly launched my eyeballs across the room.
the sneeze energy has to go somewhere.
i suspect it shoots out their ears, which is why i never stand directly next to them.
i don't want to be the first person killed by ear wax shot.
it would taint the rather fabulous legacy on working on here.


Nick said...

Try keeping your eyes open. Most people find it impossible to sneeze with their eyes open. It's weird, the sneeze just fizzles out. Not quite as satisfying, but much healthier for those in the same room!

itsmecissy said...

Your eyes won't pop out, that's what those wire coils embedded in the back are for. Kinda similar to an airbag.

Pam said...

Itsme: LOL!!! Is that what those coils are for?

There are all sorts of funny sneezes. There's the healthy, robust, A-A-A-CHOO!, there's the diminutive a-cheet, then there's the Ah-Ah-Ah CHA...a cross between wanting to hold it in and then deciding to let it go.