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Thursday, May 26, 2011

the writing process

there are a lot of people offering a lot of highfalutin opinions on the writing process.
i don't understand all the hubbub.
it's quite simple.
at least mine is.
and here it is for free no less.

i place one word to the right (my right, it's left) of the last word until i'm not sure what to do, at which point i add a comma (or in some cases, when i've really screwed up, something referred to as a partial colon, which really should be renamed), and continue on until something unrelated strikes me, at which point i use a pair of these things here "―" (or parentheses when i feel like old school) to squeeze the dumb interruption in, then pick up where i left off and continue on my merry way until i'm certain i have completed a thought―albeit a bob thought―at which point i end the mess with a period (or in those rare cases when i'm really certain i have completed a crisp, coherent thought, an exclamation point).

so put that quill in your cap and smoke it!


Pamela Beers. said...

It's those partial colons that do you in; you know, kinda like a partial colonoscopy. Or something like that.

Robert Crane said...

i hnonestly don't understaqnd the partial colon. is it a comma? is it a period? no it's the semicolon. able to leap run on thoughts in a single bound.

Pamela Beers. said...

A semi-colon is used when adding a semi-thought to the main idea of a sentence.

A semicolon is:

1. Stronger than a comma.
Example: Peace is difficult; war is hell.

2. Separates clauses containig commas.
Example: He was tired; therefore, he quit.

Your friendly English teacher.

itsmecissy said...

So THAT'S my problem: semi-thoughts! Thanks Pam.