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Sunday, January 4, 2009

790. a question about life

a recent discussion question at blogcatalog asked fellow bloggers to define "life" (answering that over a bowl of cornflakes is a great way to start the day).
so i was moved to be the usual wiseguy i tend to be, but instead was struck by this sudden awareness of my existance wedged between two bookcovers on a book shelf that extends in either direction as far as the eye can see.
and i thought, and thought some more, and landed on this.

"my particular life feels like a very brief respite between an existance i don't remember but one i am certain to return to in rather short order. and in the spirit of full disclosure, my respite skills need plenty of work."

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lightly said...

humans are stupid. Life just happens get over yourselves. one day you not here then you are and then you not, life is the bit between the 2 points or is it.