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Friday, January 2, 2009

788. an hour or so

i was at a small gathering last night when two older folks let themselves in through the front door.
it would later be confirmed they were self-invited and not necessarily welcomed for this particular affair.
for a bunch of historical reasons, they are considered an embarassment of sorts, best kept a secret within the immediate family, of which i am not.

well, without as much as an introduction, i found myself engaged in a conversation, rather one-sided as it was—used each ear on both sides of my head, but one-sided all the same.
and in the background, mortified onlookers darted in and out of the room, eyeballs rolling and heads shaking to the secret exposed.

but you know, sometimes these conversations are not nearly as bad as others might fret.
this particular one was such a case.
besides, i kind of look at it this way, there is a likelihood that some day i will find myself on the outside looking in for much the same reason.
and my crazy stories will be certain to spin the head off any pair of shoulders i might lean on.
but with any luck, maybe not—maybe someone might just give me an hour or so.

i think we could all use an hour or so once in a while.
so i'm just investing.
that's all.
nothing noble about that.

1 comment:

Keaton's Mom said...

Better to keep that one a secret...Guess I'm glad I wasn't there this year, it might have been me...Not! (Well, I hope not).

Looking for LOTS more "Pondings" ahead. Happy New Year to one and all.