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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

783. so now what's a gigolo to do?

i was reminded of this after reading an interesting post at crazy medical cases (a great blog) about a news article on recession proof jobs.
("reminded" may not be the exact right word)

ya see, i read the same article and to boil it down, i decided to become a gigolo as a result.
so anyway i'm paying this woman my seven minute rate to carry out her desires because, you know, i'm a professional who is developing his craft (i'm serious that way), when she interrupts no more than a minute into my best manuever and says i better not quit my day job, which, dah, is why i've undertaken this insalubrious endeavor to begin with.
then she asks for an additional ten spot for the advice and leaves.

so now what's a gigolo to do?

i mean, i didn't know that a requirement to be a good gigolo was to have a day job.
what's the point?

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Keaton's Mom said...

Better discuss this with Keaton. She will give you pointers, or bonk you over the head to clear your mind...