"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

776. tough times for a wiseguy

these are some tough times for a person who by nature is always thinking about that next killer one liner.

with no hint of a job in sight, with an emergency fund shrinking faster than a penis in the artic ocean, and with a body not responding to exercise like it once did, there's good reason to be the complete opposite of "fun to be around".

but it's strange really.
i can't help myself.
must be in the wiring—not unlike my butt dimples i suppose.
see what i mean—butt dimples, that's killer jerry?

although some would have me believe it's all part of the obama effect.
but i don't know.
i think that has more to do with not killing myself first—in an amusing way of course.


lightly said...

okay, there is some information we did not need to know, but i must admit i do like the way you describe it

bob said...

my butt dimples give a whole new meaning to cracking a smile.

or was it something else that you found a little, nothin for nothin, out there?