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Sunday, November 23, 2008

766. something to be proud of in a moment of self doubt

i was just thinking about how unimportant my life has been when i was reminded of just how good i was as captain of the cheerleading squad for the chess team in high school.
i was better than good.
i was hall of fame.
the next time you hear, "take the rook hawk eyes! take the rook!", that was mine.
but nothing beats, "give me a 'c'! give me an 'h'! give me an 'e'! give me a 'c'! give me a 'k'! what's that spell? what's that spell?"
and my personal favorite, "gooooo ... castle! go castle go!"

yeah, i really shouldn't be so tough on myself.
i've had an impact.
i mean a significant impact on generations of chess cheerleaders.
and that is something no one can take a way from me.
no one!

"check mate! check mate! show him the gate! we're the best in the state!"

ah, those were the days of personal triumph!


lightly said...

cool man, how bad does does your life have to be not to even be on the chess team, when you look up to the chess team you know you need to get a life, hopefully someone else's.

bob said...

yeah i know, pretty damn cool ...