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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

762. it's change i can't believe in

i have built a couple of simple websites.
i used a web hosting service that was intuitive, inexpensive and easy to use.
it truly was one stop shopping.
it was a beautiful thing.
it's why i selected them.

recently, i renewed my one year service contracts, which also means it's time to spruce up the sights for the holidays.
so off i went to do some sprucing.
and that's when things started to go terribly wrong.

this little company i was so fond of apparently decided within the last year that it was time to get bigger.
when companies get bigger, sometimes they get complicated.
this one went ballistic.

everything changed.
i mean everything.
it was like being given the space shuttle to drive to dunkin donuts.
it's change i can't believe in.

no backward compatibility (i.e., the ability to import my website code into a new editor).
no grace period to use the old editor.
no nothing.
a freakin' space shuttle with an faq for training, that's what i have.

and all i want is a donut.


Pam said...

It drives me crazy when people change things just for the sake of change. My philosophy has always been: if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Pam said...

All you want is a donut?! I'd want a Jack Daniels with a twist.