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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(from the files) a fine writer's paradise ruined

it's early morning.
the sky is november gray.
there is a cold drizzle darkening the patio slate.
a fresh pot of mild columbian roast caffeinates the kitchen air i breathe.
chamber strings sulk quietly, occasionally interrupted by a crack from the log fire.

i am so ready to write today.
ah, to be one with microsoft word.
at peace with my laptop.

but what will it be?
a love sonnet perhaps?
the next twainian short story for my "still living in the sixties" collection?
maybe an essay on nature's wondrous moods?

hmm ... a blog post?
a blog post it will be.
but not just any blog post!
the bloggiest!
one that will catch oprah's attention for sure.
already i can hear my snappy one liners moving her audience to near laugh riot.
by the end, she offers me her job in surrender to my greatness.
but i refuse because i am still humble.
a five hour standing ovation ensues.

yes, i see it all.
yes, indeed!

but let me not get ahead of myself.
first i need a subject.
what can i write about?
empty the head (no difficulty there).
let it just come to me.
quiet the mind.
let it happen—

"tin shoe cannoli"

huh? what the f@*k!
well, that certainly was a fine writer's paradise ruined.
apparently my empty head has debris strewn about like a new jersey county fair.


Keaton's Mom said...

You were going great until you emptied your head. What's with that? Stay with The Pond. Take a deep breath,or something...RELAX.
Now, start over. Show us what you come up with this time!!

bob said...

that was a little weird. i think this is better! thanks for snapping me out of it!

Pam said...

"Tin Shoe Cannoli" is a real catchy title for a book. I'd buy it.

"Hanging on a Hyphen" said...

If in you book this thing sucks, you must be Browning on your best day! The imagery of your prose was powerful and provocative "chamber strings sulk quietly, occasionally interrupted by a crack from the log fire..." I could almost feel the warmth from the fire soothing the chill. Tell you what... Give me the link to your best post and I would be grateful to read it... Wonderful...

bob said...

thanks "hanging". it was nothin' really. will be in touch with more.

thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write a comment as well!

ajree said...

Another unpublished guy here. Nice blog.


itsmecissy said...

Ummmmmmm, Sicilian fried tubes of delicious pastry filled with sweetened ricotta or mascarpone, topped with freshly whipped cream and lightly dusted with cocoa powder and shaved chocolate...

What does a tin shoe have to do with cannoli?

You had me at mild columbian coffee.

Anonymous said...

Of course you could dress this up as existenssialist free thought...

World always needs a new philosopher - especially one just wearing socks!