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Thursday, October 16, 2008

719. a boss named sam

i worked for a boss named sam.
he was a decent, hard working guy at that.
filled with only the best intentions.
then a bigger boss, named ed, came to town.
ed was a hired gun of sorts.
he brought in his posse and soon the workplace became the o.k. corral.
sam was the first to be shot.
i resigned wounded soon after, and couldn't even survive the two week notice after being accused a liar in the public square.

anyway, this is about sam.
he was distraught after given ten business days to find his way out.
and on the fourth morning into his ordeal, he came into my office to tell me that jesus had spoken to him in the middle of the night, that jesus told him this was a test, that jesus said all would be fine if he accepted him as his savior.
this from a guy who was agnostic the day before.
he told me that his wife watched in horror as he jumped up and down in the bed conversing with jesus, praise the lord.
he also mentioned his two, young, curious daughters wandered into the room to witness the commotion as well.

anyway, as skeptical as i was, i nodded sympathetic approval to this human being as he told his story and i wished only the best for him and his family.

well, i don't know how sam made out.
shame on me.
he was a decent guy.
and i don't know why i even bring this up now.
the human mind is strange that way.
especially mine.

maybe it's just a part of the shedding exercise keaton has signed me up for in preparation for our eventual big move to new england (although i think she had my golf ball collection more in mind).

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