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Thursday, October 2, 2008

702. another autumn anticipated

october in western jersey is about as beautiful as the garden state can get.
and for those who might think that an oxymoron, well, they'd be wrong.
every year i anticipate its arrival with unbridled promise.
this october has been no different.
in fact, even more so, given the nature of things in my life these past months.
and now it's here.
the breeze crisp and full of earth.
a time of calm observation and great thought.
and when november sweeps down across the hills, as it always does, i will wonder what happened to october.
i will kick myself once again for tomorrowing myself a day at a time until the tomorrows are whisked away by winter's approach.
at which time, i will make a note to take stock next time around.

well, not this year.
i'm going to keep my promise to myself!
starting tomorrow.


Keaton's Mom said...

No, start right now!!! The tomorrows come faster and faster as you get older (you've probably felt that just a little bit?). Go out by the Pond and smell the earth, the sky, the sun...By the by, that was a beautiful post. Thanks for reminding us to do the same. I miss the north this time every year.

bob said...

yeah, it just ain't fall in pensicola like it is up here. at least you had a chance to know what you now miss.

timethief said...

I enjoy your lyrical writing style very much. Here on the Canadian west coast, in the islands our broadleaf maples have just turned to gold and rust. The glorious weather has just turned to rain and I'm looking forward to cosy autumn evenings curled up with a book by the fire.

P.S. Thanks for a vote in the sexiest competition. If you had a gravatar equiped blog you could see my face or you could go over to my personal blog and check out my avatar in the comments there.

bob said...

timethief, thanks for the nice comment!

the west coast of canada, must be nice, full of weather!

anyway, no problem on the vote. the eyeball is topnotch (bob-speak for sexy).