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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

696. it's all about your background

it's all about your background color that is.
and i don't mean race.
i mean blog background color.
when someone tell's ya that your blog background color is just plain depressing, one needs to take stock.
such was the case here at cranelegs pond.
i had what i thought was the color from my parents living room as my background.
the concept: comfort food.
but no!
it was called sad, depressing, window jumping material.

well, i can't have any of that.
next thing you know, i'll be on the wrong end of a civil suit because someone jumps out their basement window on account of my background color.
nope, not on my swatch.

so i went lily white, until i can sort this out.
i mean, what's the color for smart, snappy wit anyway? lemongrass yellow?
not that this blog qualifies but i'm just askin'.

well, i guess whatever it is, it isn't the color of my parents living room.
boy, that's depressing.


lightly said...

you mean to tell us it was a different color, gee sorry but i don't think anybody noticed. so what color was it before

itsmecissy said...

Now, now, don't go putting words in my mouth (i.e. "window jumping material").

White is OK as long as it makes you happy and it is better than that baby ca-ca color (my apologies to your parents living room).

lightly said...

rather that then diarrhea green

and leave your parents living room alone - they like it and thats all that matters

itsmecissy said...

WOW-WIE, I'm a NOTORIOUS bob reader!!!!

P.S. Your voice sounds exactly like I thought it would (I clicked on the radio).

Keep up the good work.

timethief said...

lol :P You're a humorist, so to speak. Or, if not, then you incorporate humor into your writing. I, on the other hand, am as dry as melba toast. It's not that I don't have a sense of humor it's that I rearely laugh at what other people laugh at and I become hysterical from laughing at things others don't find amusing at all.

I enjoyed your post because I could read it. I'm visually challenged and I require a light background withe a high enough contrast color in the font to be able to focus and struggle to read. If I don't find that on a blog my only other alternative is to capture all the text slap it into an editor and make a white background with black font copy so I can read it.

Happy blogging :)

bob said...

holy smokes, thanks! and let me tell my friends who don't know timethief. she ahs a beautiful eyeball. almost as pretty as miss mcgillicutty's.