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Monday, September 29, 2008

695. the amazin's do it again!

how's it possible?
the mets play 160 games in a season.
i'd say about 100 more than they need to.
and it still comes down to the last game.
two years in a row.
and they lost.
two years in a row!
which by all accounts is the worst thing you can do to loyal fans!

but then again, they're still the amazin's!
because it's amazin' we're still fans!

1 comment:

Lightly said...

no one to pick on the fans, but you all a bunch of idiots. I find if you a fan of the game and not the team then every game is great.
even as i say this i know i'm just as bad as the next fan.
I support liverpool soccer team (soccer - the other world sport)
and they suck every year but hey i'm a fan.

do the mets play well - no
do the mets play badly - no
do the mets play - yes
then what the hell watch the game people, we drink beer regardless of the outcome