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Thursday, August 7, 2008

625. what would jesus have done?

oh my, televangelist joel osteen has quite a spouse.

apparently, she got in a little tussle over spilt milk with the wrong flight attendant over two and half years ago, and now finds herself on the wrong end of a rather bizarre civil suit that could cost her ten percent of the good fortune she has been blessed with as part of the financial harvesting plan her husband joel and a few others have concocted with god.
oh she's a feisty one she is, who believed the wet spot that greeted her on her first class seat needed to be cleaned up immediately by someone other than herself, while the plane was a buzz with boarding passengers.
hence the flight attendant.
hence the she-said-she-said altercation that ensued.

who knows what really happened—god possibly, but i'm not so sure about that for this one.
and as far as civil suits go, this is about as what's wrong with our justice system as it can get—a perfect waste of courtroom air-conditioned air if you ask me.
a joke really.

having said all that, there is still something the troubles me.
and it's mrs. osteen quite honestly.
there are three facts that strike me: first class, a little spill on a seat, and attitude.

so i find myself asking, what would jesus have done?

well, i'm pretty sure he wouldn't be in first class (probably would have chosen to walk).
but let's say jesus was in a hurry (possibly to get to a dinner with his disciples or something), so he obtains a last row, middle seat in coach (because that's what he would do) but the ticket guy at the gate recognizes him and bumps him to first class on the off chance it gets him an in at the pearly gates.
it's possible.
anyway, he walks to his seat and sees a little wet spot.
so he does a little hocus-pocus and turns it into a glass of chardonnay (because he likes to do that sort of thing).
and he sits down and mumbles a little prayer of forgiveness on behalf of the person responsible for the little spill.

now if anyone should know that's exactly what jesus would have done, it should be the co-pastor of the biggest church this side of ... of ... well of heaven i suppose.
but she didn't.
instead, she behaved so unlike what she preaches?


i think it's because she is a smarty pants who doesn't really preach jesus-like at all.
a perfect waste of mega-church air-conditioned air.
a joke really.


itsmecissy said...

Like the bumper sticker on my husband's truck says:

"Lord, Protect Me From Your Followers."

Hypocrites, the whole bunch.

Keaton's Mom said...

Both sides are a joke....I was ok with the stew being ticked, until she came up with, "It caused her to have hemmoroids." Come on....she could have done better than that. I also think Jesus would have a thing or two to say to the prissy Mrs. Osteen.

bob said...

itsmecissy ... i bet hubby gets some strange looks from that bumper sticker. thanks for stopping by.

k.m. you got that right. both sides deserve each other.