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Thursday, July 31, 2008

620. i'm going squirrelly

there are three flying squirrels who have called the attic home for months now and i for one am tired of it.
last night was the last straw.
they managed to hook up an old discarded 8-track player and played john denver songs all night long.
and they sang along with those annoying flying squirrel voices.
loud too!

so i bought me one of them there havahart traps and i'm gonna catch me some flying squirrels.
for bait, i plan to use an 8-track of glen campbell hits—based on what i have read and observed and whatnot about their musical tastes.

this is going to be too easy.
almost criminal.


Wamblings said...

LOL Did you get your squirrels? Or have they fought back with Elton John?

bob said...

wamblings, thanks for stopping by.

apparently, the eight track didn't work. and i swear i've heard the faint sound of elton's piano in the mid of night, so you might just be right. anyway now i have nude pictures of miss july from playsquirrel. if that doesn't do it, will try peanuts (which the trap instructions suggest).