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Thursday, July 17, 2008

604. good old earth hospitality

i was sitting at cranelegs pond the other day when i spotted something odd flying over the water.
it stopped to silently hover a moment, and then without warning, darted into the underbrush.
it was some sort of unidentifiable half bird, half bumble bee kind of affair.
it's flight nothing of this planet.

before i could say, hey goat hold it, a thought struck me.
if we had visitors from outer space, where would we put them up for a night?
we don't even know what the toilets should look like.
in other words, we have no plans.

what we need to start thinking about is some good old earth hospitality.
i am recommending we start preparing a few suites near the UN as a starter.
seems logical.
they can visit the shows, sample great food, experience a cab ride.
i've already written to my congressperson and senators about this and expect responses soon.
in the meantime, i've reached out to stephen hawking and the guy who invented the segway, on the off chance they might be able to get an early start on the toilet design.

the wheels are in motion my friends.
i think with some quick thinking and furtive action, earth might just dodge a death ray.

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