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Thursday, June 19, 2008

575. keaton - the militant anti-war type

i said, ya know that election year argument that if you are against the iraq war then you are one of those anti-war, anti-troop types.
keaton said, yeah?
i said, well i don’t think it’s gonna work this time around. it’s old already, besides just because i have a problem with this war doesn’t mean i’m against all—.
she interrupted, i am!
then i said, okay, so you are a true anti-war— .
then she yelled, you’re damn right!
then i said, well nothin’ for nothin’ but ya sound like a militant anti-war type.
she said, no sh*t sherlock, and don’t push me much more on this if you wanna see tomorrow!
then she reached for a frozen pork chop on the counter. (see 51, 105, 161, 231)
i thought, holy cow, that’s quite a human oxymoron she’s gotten herself into.
but i thought the wiser and so i said, makes perfect sense to me.
and then i cleverly changed the subject to: what's her favorite precious stone?

it worked like a charm.

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