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Monday, May 26, 2008

557. keaton leaves for woman quest

just when i can't imagine what another oddball keaton adventure might look like, she comes up with this doozey.
it's called, woman quest.
sixteen of them are convening at a special lodge buried in the eastern slopes of the appalachians in western north carolina.
there, they will spend two days preparing for a solo ascent to a location of their own choosing, where they will spend 24 hours, alone, to contemplate their lives and overcome their fears.
and they paid plenty of cash for the opportunity.

i saw blairwitch alone once.
it only cost $2.99 to rent.
and it pretty much is the same experience, except for the comforts that come with electricity and running water.

anyway, as she drove out of sight in her silent prius, i thought, this may not be her brightest idea to date.
i have to say, this time, while i'm devouring as much cow as i can possibly sear during her absence, there will be an uneasiness that will hang just below the blanket of mesquite smoke, tossed mightily from the basin of my trusty weber grill.

ah my friends, there may be a few sleepless nights awaiting me, as i imagine rocks clunking in the night; voices chattering incoherently just below the bedroom loft; the unwelcomed tapping at the covers pulled tight over my head.

and when i get through all this, i can only hope she learns that overcoming one's fears isn't all it's cracked up to be.
there's nothing wrong with being a scaredy cat.
in fact, it can be pretty darn refreshing quite honestly.

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