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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(from the past) 545. fleeting thought

fleeting thought said, outta my way! comin' through!
i said, hey! what's the rush fleeting thought?
it said, i got places to be! that's what buddy boy!
i said, like where?
it said, look, you seem like a nice enough fellow but i don't have time for a stop and chat. i'm fleeting. ya wanna talk? find deep thought!
i said, but you come and go so quickly, and you always leave behind these little gems that i don't know what to do with half the time. so i talk to deep thought like you say but it just passes me along to man thought and that's when i start arguing with myself. the next thing ya know, i got a huge situation, usually with keaton.
fleeting thought said, hate to disappoint you but i'm just the thoughtenger. do as you may with what i deliver. now if you don't mind. outta my way! fleeting thought on the move!

and it was gone faster than it came.

then i wondered where was it headed next?
who else gets fleeting thoughts like me?
which tortured souls are my fleeting thought brothers or sisters?


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Robert Crane said...

sorry about that! :-)