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Friday, April 17, 2009

539. home alone - episode six

this home alone stuff is getting pretty darned good.

i was rifling through the fridge in search of anything that might be snackolicious.
you know, some loose pepperoni, a forgotten chunk of cheddar with muddy green, fuzz patches, possibly a lost turkey drumstick from thanksgiving,
oddly shaped bulges of aluminum foil are usually good candidates.

this health kick keaton is on is starting to kill me quite honestly.

i was poised to turn my attention to the pantry—maybe an expired can of mandarine oranges would be my prize—when i spotted a small jar of chunky peanut butter tucked in the back corner behind an unused half gallon of soy milk (part of keaton's healthy eating initiative).
a couple of slices of bread, a generous slab of peanut butter, a hearty sprinkling of dominoe's light brown sugar, and bam!
the staple of my formative years.
now if i could only find a six ounce carton of orange drink, i'd be living pretty, pretty large.

ah yes, this home alone stuff is baring big rewards, i just needed to let it unfold.


itsmecissy said...

...and a sliced banana and a drizzle of honey. Ahhh, heavenly!

lightly said...

what is wrong with you people that is just plain unhealthy.

what you people need is a crash diet.

first you take a slice of whole wheat bread a bit of non fat cheese and some lite margarine.

now give that to the dog and get some cheese (chedder) some syrup and some butter slap this on 2 thick pieces of bread and enjoy.
peanut butter on bread is a pretty good snack on its own.