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Sunday, March 23, 2008

532. andy rooney ... thanks for the memories

why do i watch andy rooney on sixty minutes any more?
he just isn't funny like i remember.
i mean, i listen hard, thinking that maybe he'll say something witty or relevant.
but he doesn't.
so i wonder why they have him do this.
does he have pictures, or sleeps with the sixty minutes bosses' spouses?
do they even know he is on the air.
i mean after all, it is sunday dinner time.

i used to like what he said when he was in his sixties thirty years ago.
but he seems yellowed teeth now.

maybe it's global warming.
i dont know.
but what ever it is, please stop it.
i want wit from the twit.


The_Mrs said...

Ah, Andy Rooney and his eyebrows.

Yeah, he should have bowed out long ago.

Someone needs to point him in the general direction of Wal-Mart so he can be a greeter.

No humor needed there, either.

Pam said...

Time to grow up kids! Andy Rooney has a list of achievements that we'll never have. He has 14 books published, won three emmy awards for his essays, has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, Writers Guild Award for Best Script of the year six times, and the Peabody Award.

He was also the first war correspondent in the concentration
camps during WW II. A place where we cannot possibly imagine the horror or the danger. Most of us don't even like to get our hands dirty.

At age 89 he shoud be honored for his contributions to journalism, CBS, and above all for his irracible humor. Mr. Rooney is my hero. AND I love his bushy eyebrows!