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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(from the files) 505. simplifying can be so complicated

keaton and i are amidst a simplification campaign, preparing to make a move someday.
we don't know where to yet but that seems to be the least of our problems.
it's the process of thinning out the stuff, of lightening the load so to speak, of trimming the fat to put it another way, of just plain simplifying that is so troublesome.
for example, when i can't part with a pair of so called antique wooden dumbbells i bought in a barn in maine back in 1973, the difficulties begin.
and she has her precious can't-part-withs too.
oh baby!

but i think there is hope.
we agreed recently to throw out an old broken transitor radio that only picked up signals from the sixties.
it took a day of tough posturing and negotiating, but it was done.
unfortunately though at this rate, i'll be buried with those idiotic dumbbells of mine before we get anywhere soon.

(hmm ... idiotic dumbbells seems redundant)


lightly said...

its simple

take everything outside at set it on fire, what you save is what is important to you.
I don't think the wooden dumbbells will be in the saved pile

bob said...

you'd be incorrectamundo there lightly, the dumbbells stay.

do ya think a collection of nuts and bolts would burn?

lightly said...

post a picture of the dumbbells