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Sunday, February 3, 2008

504. old hoggie and the lucky hockey puck

i come from a clan of giant football fans.
superstitious is our middle name.
and we are pulling out all the stops tonight.
new england hasn't a chance.
it's time to place my lucky hockey puck in the mouth of my brothers mounted ten pound bass, named appropriately, old hoggie.
the last and only time this was done, the rangers beat vancouver in game seven to win the stanley cup.
and it hasn't been used since.
the last opportunity was that super bowl when the giants lost to the ravens.
i couldn't find the puck, hence the loss.
but it has been located since.
and now it is time.
good riddance patriots and all your winning ways!

1 comment:

Vandy said...

I am pulling for you tonight and good luck with all the superstitions. And p.s. with me out of the picture for now, it seems that you are now the front runner for the calf competition!!! Geaux G-MEN!!! Talk to you soon.