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Saturday, January 12, 2008

482. that cowlick hair style

you know that style men have now, with those haphazard clumps sticking out, like a cowlick orgy atop the head.
what's up with that?
when did that happen?
was it when i was up in alaska for a few days in 2006?


Anonymous said...

I always get a good laugh from reading something on your blog
men jumping on the bandwagon of sexy bed head look? I don't know
I think (oops, sorry for that), if it is a "real style" it only looks good between two people in a flirty mood imho

bob said...

yeah, i suppose it's a look. sorta like high pants and white socks is a look, one which i'm particularly fond of, thsnk you very much.

thanks for stopping by.

GR said...

Hi Bob,
How's life? Love your pond! You always were funny!!
Gaby Rousso

Keaton's Mom said...

Maybe they have re-released The Little Rascals in a new super duper collectors set, and it's catching on....and hey, I've seen a lot worse that cowlicks on some of these folks.

bob said...

Hi GR!

What a welcomed surprise! Tell that wacky, war-strategy-gaming husband of yours i said hello. And of course the entire fam!

seriously, thanks for leaving the comment, it means a lot to me.


vandy said...

I am in total agreement, I can not believe the people who wear that particular hair style walk out of the house. They actually look in the mirror and say to themselves, " I look good, this is the way I am going to look when I take on the world today." I don't know where they got the idea that they do, but I guess the youth of the nation is all on crack anyway, so I guess we just have to keep our comments to ourselves and accept the fact that they will never look as good as us!!! The other hairstyle that is killing me is when a kid whears a hat on the baseball field and their hair in in their face. As a coach, that drives me insane. No one can name a baseball player in the majors that has that look.