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Monday, February 23, 2009

(from the files) 454. mermaids and villanova basketball

i asked, do you really think mermaids exist?
keaton said, i’m pretty certain.
i asked, where’s the evidence?
she said, that’s just it. where’s the evidence that they don’t exist?

then i subtly teased, come to think of it, you are a pretty slippery arguer for someone without scales and a flipper.
she said, being a mermaid in training, i appreciate the observation, even though it comes from a mere land bound mortal.

then i thought, hmm my subtle teasing skills are a little too clever for my own good cause now she gettin' nuts.
so i deftly segued the subject to villanova basketball.


Gabriel Gadfly said...

Poor land-bound mortals.

bob said...

you're tellin' me.
i might just possibly be the boundiest.