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Sunday, November 4, 2007

443. “dead until i do something”

the weather channel has been running a promo for a show about epic conditions for extreme sports.
(that’s what the weather channel does nowadays)
anyway, a guy is free falling from an airplane.
a male voice explains, you're dead until you do something.
that is suppose to explain why he does this.
i’m thinking, gee … i reserve that kind of logic for when someone breaks into my house with guns a blazing, or i’m suddenly cutoff and drive my car into a lake—ya know, things you don’t plan on.
but to actually do this on purpose?
that is the thought process of someone who is … well … someone who is mucking up the gene pool and over the long haul is going to be jettisoned in the most darwinian (or for some, intelligent design) way.

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