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Saturday, October 20, 2007

437. momcat’s 75th

it’s the crane clan matriarch’s big day. 75 years!

her story is one of a spirited young woman, sadly driven insane by raising the four boys she created between her 19th and 25th years (apparently, her dream for a little girl smashed like a fallen, blue, robin’s egg by the four penised xy’s running about unfettered).
but her determination to survive saw her through, only to rise from her hell almost whole—albeit a wild eyed liberal who spits bullets at the mere whisper of “bush”—which is why we have to say things like, “nice job trimming the hedge-like, green thing in the front of the house”.

other than that oddity, she’s just fantastic.
and her four loin xy’s know we owe her big time.

come to think of it, i should write her story someday, cause it's a doozy.
(note to bob, write mom's story some day cause it's a doozy, and don't forget to edit out the word, 'bush' for chrissakes!)

anyway, happy day momcat, love ya!

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