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Monday, October 1, 2007

410. andy and benny discuss mets-yankees baseball

andy said, too bad about your mets.
benny said, shut up dick head!
andy said, what are ya gettin’ all upset about? i didn’t say anything about the yankees.
benny said, you’re a turd ball!
andy said, geez, just because my yankees are in the playoffs on a total will to win, and your mets are out on a total will to lose, your getting’ on me. i’m a little hurt by this exchange to tell ya the truth.
benny said, freakin’ die douche-bag.
andy said, well at least the giants beat the eagles last night. that must give you a little retribution.
benny said, how many times have i told you parallel team projection across sport dimensions doesn’t work that way, ass wipe!
andy said, wow, when you gonna get over the most historic collapse in all of sports?
benny said, in 57 years or immediately after my final breath, whatever comes last, you dick head!
andy said, already used that.
benny said, i did?
andy said, yeah, dick head. it was first thing you called me.
then benny said, hmm, that sucks.
then andy said, yeah, hey did ya see curb last night?

[based on the rule of 'no repeat', this rather lofty dialogue had run its course.
so andy, demonstrating appropriate etiquette, immediately moved on to another subject, leaving the give and take rules of x-y conversations in tact.]

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