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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

395. we’ve been attacked by dumb gas

albeit, i’m in the throes of a midweek, have-friends-over-for-dinner recovery (see #394), but the callers into c-span today are scary dumb.
no one can stay on subject.
non sequiturs galore.
conspiracies theories about conspiracy theorists.
republicans sounding like democrats.
democrats sounding like republicans.
and way too many of those you-can-tap-my-phone-and-search-my-home-anytime-because-only-criminals-have-something-to-hide darlings of orwell’s 1984.

i’m telling you, something’s up.
the only explanation is that al qaeda must have released dumb gas throughout the land sometime within the last 24 hours, which might explain the midweek,
have-friends-over-for-dinner idea.

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