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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

371. a better intelligent design?

i asked my neighbor, hey dori, when did you become a christian?
dori said, i was born a christian and then born again.
i said, and you believe god is the creator of all life, you know, intelligent design.
she said, well, we call it creationism.
so i asked, if that's true, why didn't he just create heterosexual christians? wouldn't that have been the more intelligent thing to do?
then she said, but then there would be no one to blame for evil. no homosexuals. no muslims. see?

then i thought, geez, these christians sure do have answers to everything. that must be nice.


Jayne said...

Dear god. (No pun intended.) I had no idea that the entire purpose of us heathens was so they would have someone to blame.

God just thinks of everything, doesn't he.

bob said...

oh he's a dandy, he is.