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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(from the files) 342. blog non-sequiturs

every day i get a report that identifies where people came from the previous day to get to cranelegs pond.
it’s suppose to be a tool of sorts but it beats the heck out of me what to do with the information.
anyway, the usual culprits are google searches gone astray and a few folks who have bookmarked the site (mostly immediate family members).
having said that, there is a small group of visitors who originate from other blogs.
and i have to tell ya, some of them are very interesting non-sequiturs, like yesterday.
someone came from a japanese self bondage blog.

so under the guise of an inquisitive mind, i went there to see if i could figure out the logical linkage?
i could not.
instead, i became fascinated—in a ‘train wreck’ sort of way.
all i can say is that there are some real lonely, partially clad people out there with nothing but ropes, wild imaginations, and plenty of spare time on their hands.
now the whole thing was written in japanese with those crazy letters, so i’m not sure what was going on, but i’m telling you, it looked nuts.

so i told keaton about this and she gave me one, albeit dumb, possible linkage.
she told me ropes rhymes with dopes of which i'd be one!

other than her mastery of proper preposition placement, i wasn't very impressed with her stale supposition.


lightly said...

one sometimes has to ask dumb questions, this is one of those times.

What fetish word do you have to google to get this page as a link?

bob said...

good question and i have an answer.

i did a post on a woman at a christmas party who wore these shoes that looked like bondage shoes of some sort with ropes tied all around the feet. so i get people looking around for bondage shoes. and i have to delete a lot of the messages left behind when they are disappointed.