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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

322. about the imus lawsuit

in imus’s waning days, he spoke ad nausea about how he didn’t care about the money, that he had plenty.
if he was fired, so be it, as long as the wrong was corrected.
i smirked—he always struck me as a fellow who needed wealth to confirm his worth and power.
well apparently since april, while in private introspection, he has concluded that he was a victim as well.
so he is doing what any self-respecting american would do, he has hired the same attorney who defended lenny bruce—a guy he fancies himself as—and is dangling a lawsuit over the heads of msnbc and cbs to recapture his lost wages ($40,000,000), on the basis that he was wrongfully fired.
(oh yeah, he is also asking for $80,000,000 in lost donations to his ranch “for kids with cancer”, which works out to about $800,000 per kid he houses for a week—don’t get me started)
and as far as correcting the wrong, which no longer is about the idiocy he spewed but about his damaged self image, it can only be measured in money.
i smirk again.

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myotherleftthand said...

add me to the smirk count!