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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

308. maliki calls for national toga party

u.s. ambassador crocker said, i can’t be any more clear, you guys have got to make the political changes faster.
iraq prime minister maliki said, whatever.
general petraeus said, now look here, we are placing you on secret double probation, smarty sheets.
maliki, a pencil sticking out of each nostril, shrugged his shoulders in contempt and left.

he called a meeting of his cabinet.
he repeated to his brothers what he had been told by crocker and petreaus.
there was anxious silence.
then brother blutarskiki began to chant: toga, toga, toga, toga!
and soon the room was awash by the screams: toga! toga! toga!.
at which point, maliki declared, let august be national iraqi toga party month. go and let the festivities begin.

when told about this, bush simply replied, did the same thing at yale. just the boys up to some college high jinks. democacy is starting to take hold!

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