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Friday, July 27, 2007

300. a job with great promise

after searching for a job to match my true skills, i landed on evangelism.
seems pretty easy.
just have to learn some scriptures and tell people that god will bless them with abundance if they believe.
of course, they will donate to my ministry, and that’s where my abundance kicks in.
and if i can do it as well as joyce meyer, well then, i will have hit an abundant homerun.
i mean look at the abundance she has received.
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boy and i thought jesus frowned upon abundance like that.
in fact, according to constellations 1:13, the lord said to disciple joel of osteen, “thee frowneth upon abundance liketh that thereth”.

well joyce meyer suggests not, and i’m with her on this one.
she deftly points out that in this case, the use of the word abundance is slang for “a bun dance” (i.e., to dance about in such a way as to show off one’s ample booty).
certainly this is something jesus would have disapproved of—joel of osteen apparently not so much.

yup i’m thinkin’ evangelism is the ticket.
stay tuned.

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