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Thursday, July 19, 2007

277. pseudo step-daughter boyfriends

i grew up with three brothers and four uncles.
i have a son.
even the two cats and two dogs in my life were male.
the only exposure to women and their ways during my uninformative years was my mom.
she doesn’t count.
we had turned her into a crazy woman of sorts.
this was not good preparation for dealing with the sudden acquisition of a teenage, pseudo step-daughter a few years ago.
but even worse for her boyfriends.
i decided early on to view my role as that of a couch with an appetite.
it would be best for all involved.
and as such i would only say something about her latest boy appendage when there was something positive to say.
so far, i’ve been pretty silent—i recall commenting once, he has a good handshake.
she seems agreeable with my gameplan but i think she is simply fooled by my subtle, superior, interpersonal skills.

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