"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Friday, June 29, 2007

258. a word about promoting blogs

you might just as well try to empty the ocean with a dixie cup.
instead, just carry on and hope opreh winfray misspells some search criteria, finds your blog by mistake, and is in a charitable mood to boot.
that is what i’m betting on—thus the clever misspelling of her name.


Anonymous said...

Hi cranelegs. You are my "next blog" neighbor in this space and time. i just started my blog and when I have it up i will give you a holler. Your blog is very nice and i bookmarked it. it has a very peaceful ambience. you have only been up since April. it may take six months (probably longer) to see any decent traffic. don't give up. (somehow i think that you won't). i am a baby boomer too and used to make all my I's small when i was a fan of t.s.elliot. i have also been to waldens pond, as any 60's come-of-ager worth their salt has.Good luck with your writing.i'll check out your website.

cranelegs said...

thanks neighbor! good luck with your effort.