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Saturday, June 9, 2007

210. the bad breaking upping continues

my pseudo step daughter, alix, continues to part ways with an old boyfriend.
it’s been ninety-three days now.
she is becoming a notorious bad breaker upper.
anyway, he came over a few nights ago to get "situational clarity", and watch the yankees in hd.

here is the transcript from the "conversation of clarity".

he asked, so when are we going to get back together?
she said, don’t know.
he said, well you haven’t given me a reason why we shouldn’t be together.
she answered, is "because i don’t want to" reason enough?
he said, not really. it's not a reason. it’s more like a thought of some sort. an incomplete one at that.
so she said, okay, how about “because I don’t want to right now”.
he said, ya see, that makes more sense.
he thought for a moment.
then he asked, hey remember that beer distributors convention we went to last year?
she said, yeah.
he said, it’s this monday. wanna go with me?
she said, sure.

and with that the yankees came up to bat and the breaking up continues.

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