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Thursday, February 4, 2010

(from the files) 200. i'll take that as a big no

keaton poked my stomach with her finger.
she said, you know you’re getting’ a little belly there.
i said sarcastically, well that’s a nice thing to say.
she said, oh come on, i’m just teasin’.
i said, so i guess i can tease you someday should you find yourself burdened by a four lane broad street booty.
next thing i knew a frozen prok chop sailed right between my legs, missing the boys by a fraction of an inch.
i said, i'll take that as a big no.


Pam said...

Bobby, you'll never learn. Some things are better left unsaid.

lightly said...

bob is digging up the past, the question we need to ask is...

What did bob do wrong this time?

Wholegrain said...

Learning is a lifetime commitment. LOL

Alexis said...