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Monday, November 3, 2008

(from the files) 198. writing at a coffee house

i took my laptop to a local, eclectic coffee house where i bought a tall, nonfat latte.
then i plopped myself down in a deep, cushioned chair, and pretended to be an important writer, as i poked at my keyboard in dizzy delight.
but when i finished, i looked around and realized i was simply among the retired, the unemployed, and three college-type, know-it-all employees, who bored me to tears with their loud opinions of foreign filmmakers, using that annoying, over-enunciated, perfect english.
in other words, i was amidst the unimpressionable.
when i later told keaton about my writing adventure and those college idiots, she told me i really was a tiny man sometimes.

i think she was just mad because i’ve never been a big fan of foreign films and she is.


itsmecissy said...

hey bob, a free tall coffee at your fave "eclectic" coffee house tomorrow if you say you've voted.
too bad it's not Wednesday too, I may have a headache from too much CHAMPAGNE!

i hate foreign films too, except "Water for Chocolate," I'm a foodie.

Lightly said...

i used to watch foreign films in my youth, those were the only one's you could watch and get a glimpse of a boob, now I watch them because they actually fun to watch, I think the fake over the top hollywood is losing its appeal

Pam said...

There's another humor angle for you, Bob...the behavior of college students. Those coffee houses are great for people watching. As for me, I'm going to the grocery store in a little while to do some "people watching" of my own...oh yeah, and buy some food. Back later.