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Sunday, June 3, 2007

191. benny’s dyin’

benny said, i’m dyin’.
i asked, what from?
benny said, well yesterday my power washer broke. so i stopped cleaning my shovels and went back to the house. then i went to the bathroom. and that’s when i noticed my butt was bleeding. so i told dori i was dying.
she just laughed and said, you’re not dyin’. that’s not blood. you had a boat load of red beets the night before!
then i interrupted benny and said, your wife is right benny. it was the beets. they do that to a man’s business.
then he said, a bleeding butt i can live with. it’s the broken power washer and the dirty shovels that are killin’ me.

so i figured it was a good time to ask him once more about his ping golf clubs he willed me.
(see #156)

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