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Monday, May 21, 2007

147. soprano prediction

oh boy, somethin’s goin’ to happen and i hear things, if you know what i mean.
like suppose my friend benny knows a close friend of the sister of the short-order cook who works the grill of the hbo cafeteria.
and suppose benny tells me the word is this cook just happened to recently take a request from paulie to make his burger “well done”, except that he doesn’t ask for it like that.
he says, he wants it, “dead”.
ya see what i’m sayin’.
maybe he should have ordered it with tuna fishes because that’s who he’s gonna be sleeping with soon.
i mean, i’m just sayin’ here, that’s all.
but if anyone tells ya different, well then they’re just not payin’ attention.
that’s all i’m sayin'.
otherwise, i don't know nothin'.
just a little of this heres and that theres.

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