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Saturday, December 8, 2007

(from the files) 135. enhanced interrogation

i said, gee i don’t know but what is this enhanced interrogation mitt romney keeps talking about—sounds like torture to me.
benny said, well it’s not torture. it’s interrogation that’s enhanced.
i asked, well what does that mean?
benny said, it's a new and improved interrogation.
i pressed on, but what does that mean?
benny said, you are so dense. let me put it this way. if it were torture, it would be called enhanced torture but it’s not. it’s called enhanced interrogation.
i said, maybe mitt should call it torture-lite.
benny said, ya know, sometimes you’re so unamerican.
then i said, yeah, well sometimes you're such an enhanced american.

and we left it at that.

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