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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

103. chelsea clinton erotica

i ran my daily website stats report today, as i do every morning to see numbers.
all website owners do this.
it is part of the addiction.
in the keywords report, the leading search word phrase so far this month is “chelsea clinton erotica”.
when that beats "humor blog", it’s time to take stock.
how is that happening?
so i ran a yahoo search using "chelsea clinton erotica" and sure enough, number 59 of 35,000 matches was "cranelegs pond".
three things struck me immediately. first, what earthlings are doing that search and what exactly are they expecting to find?
second, how the hell could there be 35,000 hits (192,000 in google) and why am i one of them?
third, why would someone click on my site at number 59?
did they not find what they were looking for in the first fifty eight?
these are the moments that try a blogger’s soul.
but i'm hell bent on getting to get to the bottom of it.

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