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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(from the archives) 127. driving with ma

many years ago, near the end of ma's driving career, i was a passenger.
i asked, ma why don't you use the rearview mirror?
she replied, you mean the makeup mirror?
i said, whatever you want to call it. but you might want to use it occasionally to see the mayhem you've created behind you.
she said, never look back bobby, only look ahead.
i said, but ma we're talking about driving a car here, not some sort of tony robbins dumb view on a winning life.
she said, cars! life! tony! it's all about what's ahead bobby! about what stands before you! not what you can't see behind you!

then i thought, if ever there was a time when "what's the use" applied, this was about as good as any.

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